Use DigitalOcean Spaces as Docker Registry storage

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DigitalOcean recently introduced Spaces which is their name for an Object Storage service similar to Amazon S3.

Since I run OpenShift on DigitalOcean, I was curios if instead of pushing my images into Amazon S3 I can just use “in-house” service that should give me better performance.

To make Spaces work for Docker Registry in OpenShift (or in Kubernetes) you need to first create your “bucket” (aka “Space Name”).

In DigitalOcean admin interface, click “Create” and then navigate to bottom of the list and hist “Spaces”. Now choose the bucket name and the datacenter. For maximum performance, you should select the same region where your droplets are running. You also want your image blobs to be private, so select the “Private” option.

Now go to the “Spaces” page where you should see your newly created space. Click ‘Settings’ and copy the space “Endpoint”. In my case the endpoint was We will need this in next steps.

Next thing to acquire is API key and secret that Docker Registry will use to connect to your space. To get them, go to the ‘API’ page in DigitalOcean admin interface. On bottom. you should see something like “Spaces access keys”. Generate a new key and copy out the key name and the secret.

Now we have all we need to configure the registry. First of, copy out the current registry config from the registry pod:

$ oc exec docker-registry-4-wpffd -- /bin/bash -c 'cat /config.yml'

Save the output locally and then open editor. Locate the storage section in the YAML file and replace it with this:

    blobdescriptor: inmemory
    region: digitalocean-ams3
    bucket: SPACE_NAME
    accesskey: XXX
    secretkey: XXX
    enabled: true

The region can be set to whatever. The regionendpoint however must point to the “Endpoint” we got before. The bucket must be set to the name of our space.

Now lets make registry use this new config:

$ oc secrets new registry-config config.yaml=registry-config.yaml

$ oc volume dc/docker-registry --add --type=secret \
    --secret-name=registry-config -m /etc/docker/registry/

$ oc set env dc/docker-registry \

Now the registry should redeploy and new builds should push blobs into your DigitalOcean space.